Fixed is an American design company, borne from the creative hunger of a former jet engine designer. We are guided by our vision for the future of product design and manufacturing:

– Computer aided design and manufacturing tools are rapidly falling in cost. Automated tools for 3D scanning and printing are already within reach of the DIY hobbyist.
– User friendly design software has progressed to where a devoted individual can master the tools to design, engineer, and simulate testing on products as complicated as race cars.

As these two trends coalesce, they are enabling innovative entrepreneurs to create a complete design and manufacturing facility run by just one person or a small team. Costs are reaching a level where products made locally in this fashion can be price competitive with mass-manufactured products shipped from overseas.

The Fixed dream is that we can build custom, to-order products, using high quality materials, at competitive prices. Our designs are created using fully parametric models: tell us your height, or your space constraints, and our models fully update to fit you with just a few keystrokes. Further, Fixed products are designed from the outset with manufacturing in mind. The materials and forms are selected for efficient production using a combination of computer-controlled machines and loving handcraft.

Fixed is based in San Francisco, California.

For more, check out our website.


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Fixed Future

Fixed is going to ICFF! I'll be posting here to document prototype construction and just generally getting to the show.

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