Aster walnut frame construction, part 1

Some photos documenting progress so far on the walnut frame for the Aster sofa:

Squaring the walnut

Running walnut through the jointer for Aster's frame

walnut squared and cut to size

Stack of walnut cut to final size for Aster frame

Fitting the armrests

Fitting the walnut armrest supports to the sheetmetal

holes drilled and countersunk

Stainless screws attach Aster's walnut frame to the sheetmetal

Fitting the upper cross-piece

Fitting the walnut cross piece into the upper bend of Aster's sheetmetal

cutting tenons

Cutting the tenons for the backrest cross-piece on the tablesaw

chiseling mortises

Chiseling the mortises into Aster's armrest supports


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